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Equipped with high capacity and high technical production tools, we are able to manage your powder coating projects and take care of the assembly of your finished or semi-finished products in large series and very large series.

Equipped with an automatic powder coating line, we powder-coat parts from different markets such as the automotive, building, industrial and street furniture industries. We can also process any parts destined for other markets.

Powder coating application

TL21 is equipped with an automated powder coating application chain.
It consists of a spraying surface treatment tunnel, a drying oven, an automated powder coating booth with the possibility of manual touch-ups and a baking oven.
The complete chain is 150 meters long and allows the attachment of metal parts (aluminum, steel, zamak, magnesium and other alloys) up to 150 kilos and 3 meters in length.
At an average rate of 1 meter per minute, the main production tool of the company allows us to respond favorably to our customers on average, large and even very large series needs while guaranteeing very good quality services on time. short and at competitive rates.
TL21 also has a manual powder coating booth outside the automated chain which allows us to also offer our services on needs with smaller quantities and / or on various colors. The technical department of the company supports its customers on their painting projects from the study to the production of their products. Our automatic powder paint chain allows us to powder coat your metal products up to 3 meters in length on large and very large series.

Pad printing

In addition to the application of powder paint on your parts, we offer the marking of this one.

Aiming to offer a complete finish of the parts to our customers, we also offer services related to painting such as pad printing (pad printing machine, oven for baking inks, etc.) thus allowing your parts to be marked.


In addition to the processing of your parts, we offer the assembly of your parts as well as their packaging.

In order to offer you a complete offer adapted to your needs, we offer you the assembly of your parts (adapted and adaptable workstations, assembly presses, etc.), unit control of these ( white light spots on all workstations), as well as custom packaging, etc.

Each additional need for powder coating is studied and developed by the company’s technical department in the same way as painting projects are.

Permanent quality controls

Because quality is a fundamental value of the TL21 company, our teams carry out quality controls on the products treated throughout our manufacturing process.

They trust us

Recognized for the quality of our services, many customers trust us on diversified markets.

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